For a Great Day, go to…Nigeria or the Phillippines?


Pew Research Center Poll Shows Nigeria and Philippines Have Best Days

A recent poll by the Pew Research Center asked people all around the world how their day was.  As you might expect, most of the world answered that their day was "typical."

Among the survey's most interesting findings were that people in developed countries had a far lower incidence of having "a particularly good day" than those in developing countries.

The countries with the highest incidence of people having "a particularly good day" were Nigeria and the Philippines, both places famous for their smiles.

Of all the countries surveyed, those in Japan were the most likely to respond that they had a "typical" day, and those in Ghana most likely to respond that they had a "bad" day.

Survey Details:  People Describe How Their Day Went

Respondents:  38,000

Age Range:  15-65+

Countries:  38


For a good day go to the Philippines

Think you've got it good?  Think again

"Typical."  It's how most days go

Top 3 Questions Asked

Q1:  How would you describe your day?  Has it been typical, particularly good, or particularly bad?