Americans Who Should Know Say Trump Has Dementia


Americans who should know say Trump has dementia

A recent poll by Survey Says reveals that a large majority of Americans who have lived with someone who has dementia believe that Donald Trump is exhibiting signs of the condition.  The results come from a survey of 100 Americans who had lived in close proximity with a relative who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease or another type of dementia.

Among the survey's most interesting findings were that the most significant symptom is not forgetfulness, but rather President Trump's tendency to rely on repeating the same story over and over, as well as his overly simplistic use of language.

Survey Details:  How Americans View Dementia

Respondents:  100

Age Range:  15-65+


Americans who know the difference believe that Donald Trump has dementia.

The same story once too many times - Americans who know say Trump has dementia.

Top 3 Questions Asked

Q1:  Have you ever lived in close proximity to someone diagnosed with dementia?

Q2:  What is your political affiliation?

Q3:  Please rank the following behaviors from most to least strongly associated with dementia in your view.