Survey Says! is a media property whose mission it is to unearth the unexpected stories hidden in our collective view of the world.  When one person thinks something crazy we can ignore them.  But what if most of us do?  That's a story worth looking at.

At Survey Says! we do not assume that we know the right answers, in fact we often set out to ask questions just because we think it would be interesting to see what comes back.  With that in mind, we are always open to new ideas for simple research projects from either readers or journalists.

Also, while we generally rely on third parties for our stories, we often commission original surveys.  We publish those stories on this site, and the original research is available for purchase.

Last, if you would like help in putting together a focus group or panel drawing from the respondents to one of our original research pieces, feel free to reach out.

All inquiries can be addressed to:  editor@surveysays.co